Your room is probably the most occupied part of the house especially all people are encouraged to stay indoors. You watch Netflix or spend your time reading and surfing the internet. But have you spent some time cleaning your room? Of course, we do casual cleaning every time we have a vacant, or when our moms visit our area and a lot of o clutter and mess piling up, and we are told to clean up. A deep clean, however, is more than that. It is getting everything clean and fixing everything in the room. If you do not have any idea where and how to start, do not worry. It all starts with making simple things to be your hobby to give you enough motivation and will to maintain your room’s cleanliness. 

1. Get rid of the storage in your room 

Have you tried walking into someone’s room and notice how it is filled with boxes, storage, cartons, and a lot of junks? People would less likely spend a night in that room. And if your room looks like this, you need to take immediate action.  

Do not let your bedroom becomes a storage area because if you let it so, it will be hard for you to clean your room and keep it tidy. Throw away things that you do not use often, and keep only minimal things.  

2. Make your bed 

The very thing you need to start is to make up your bed if you wish to start your day right is to make and fix up your bed. It will take you just two minutes to do it, but it will give you enough motivation to clean and fix the rest of the room.  

3. Avoid putting on clothes on the floor 

It is very tempting to just throw away the used clothes on the floor especially we are just locked in the room in this quarantine. But hold yourself. A messy room starts with clothes piling up on the floor. To avoid this, get a hamper and start folding your used clothes before putting them in the hamper. Once you get rid of those, you will be amazed by the transformation your room will get.  

4. Avoid eating in your room 

Some people like to grab a bowl of ice cream and a bag of chips with a glass of water or a bottle of soda. But wait, stop yourself from doing that, as you will more likely collect bowls, glasses, spoons, and some leftovers in your room.  

What’s worse than this also attracts ants and bugs into your sleeping quarter, which can be difficult to get rid of. Make sure you clean immediately after eating or do not eat in your room at all.  

Final Thoughts 

In these quarantine days, it is your chance to form good hobbies and it starts with doing the tips we mentioned above. It is easier to prevent making your room a mess than to clean it all up all at once.