Architects aren’t just designers of properties. They are licensed and highly trained professionals who offer vital services that benefit both their customers and the general public. 

Architectural services include two distinct but interrelated activities. The administration of construction contracts on behalf of the customer and the design and planning of spaces and buildings. Planning and design integrate more than just organization and aesthetics of properties. It also guarantees that the property’s designs obey safety requirements, building codes, and zoning.  

From planning and designing to getting building regs and planning permission, here are several other services offered by architects: 

Construction Contract Administration 

During construction, the architect can work as the customer’s agent to ensure the subcontractor and contractor are faithfully building to the specifications and drawings. It isn’t uncommon for unsupervised contractors to cut corners or neglect drawings in order to raise their profits. When acting as a construction contract admin, the fee of an architect is prearranged. This will help them act as an unbiased and independent supervisor and advocate for the customer.  

Contract or Bidding Negotiation 

The architect works as the agent of the customer or the owner. They’ll solicit estimates from builders. Also, the architect can advise the customer in his/her decision process to choose the right building. Contract documents define the project after signing it. A professional architect can help the customer analyze the submitted estimates to make a comparison. This will help the customer get the best quality and value during construction. 

 Construction Documents 

Elevations, plans, and other drawings are polished to create a set of specifications and drawings that will be utilized to build the property. The architect works with the customer to choose the right materials and products to guarantee a high-quality result. The architect will work with other design professionals that might be required for the project. They might have to work with a mechanical, structural, and civil engineer. This depends on the complexity of the project. the specifications and drawings show a legal definition of what the builder will construct, together with other documents made during bidding. A full and complete set of construction documents help lower unforeseen issues and cost overruns during the project.  

Development of the Design 

The rough sketch is created into a working set of elevations and plans after a scheme is chosen by the customer. These drawings offer a general idea of what the final property will include and provide a rough sense of cost. With design development drawings, the professional will help the contractor and the customer obtain a clear idea of what the property will be before the final contract documents. This chance for review could make a huge difference in helping the customer know the cost, quality, and size of a project before the contract documents are finished. Thus, any necessary changes can be made to the drawings before the construction.  

Depending on your needs, architects can provide all of these services or just several of them. The fee of an architect will greatly depend on the amount of work he/she has to do.