A lot of individuals are now turning to osteopathic medicine when looking for the ideal treatment for joint issues and back pain. When it comes to relieving back pain, one of the many advantages of using osteopathy is the fact that it doesn’t involve the use of surgery or medication. This is particularly true when compared to traditional medicine. Today, we are going to share with you some things you should know about back pain treatment Burnley with osteopathy.  

How Can Osteopathy Help? What Is It Exactly? 

According to the official website of NHS, osteopathy is a method of preventing, treating, and detecting health issues primarily by utilizing joint mobilization and movement, massage, and stretching. Osteopathy in the United Kingdom is categorized as an alternative or complementary medicine. It emphasizes treating the entire body instead of a particular illness as opposed to traditional western medicine. This includes soft tissue, joints, and skeleton.  

In addition to that, the musculoskeletal in osteopathy is considered as one of the main factors of the overall well-being and health of a person. The idea behind the manual treatment and other alternative therapies is that a musculoskeletal structure that is aligned properly will allow the body to heal itself after a traumatic event. It’s all about the connection between the function and structure of the human body.  

Osteopathic treatment offers non-invasive and drug-free manual treatment that emphasizes improving the musculoskeletal structure. This will help in: 

  • Improving elasticity of the tissue 
  • Enhancing blood flow 
  • Lowering stiffness and pain in joints and muscles 
  • Relieving muscle tension 
  • Improving or restoring the mobility of the joint 

Osteopathy Methods 

Osteopathy offers a huge range of treatments of back pain using various methods to treat a range of issues and relieve pain. These methods include: 

  • Cranial Osteopathy 

A type of gentle bodywork handling the spinal column and the head’s bones. The professional utilizes therapeutic touch to lower both stress and pain. 

  • Counterstrain Method 

This method involves the patient being moved away from a place where movement is limited to one of better comfort. 

  • Muscle Energy Method 

With this method, the patient utilizes his/her muscles in a particular direction and from an accurate place against a counterforce that the osteopath applies.  

  • Spinal Manipulation 

It is utilized to help restore joint movement.  

  • Massage 

This is done by freeing limitations within muscles and joints. This method tackles the entire body. This will help restore the vitality of the body. The osteopath also utilizes traction where your hands, feet, and head are lifted a bit and pulled to relieve stress.  

Benefits of Osteopathy 

There are a lot of benefits that you can get from osteopathy when it comes to relieving back pain. One of the most popular benefits is that osteopaths are well-trained professionals who can make a diagnosis based on taking you through a comprehensive examination and case history. They’ll utilize a huge variety of manual therapies. This depends on the overall fitness, age, and diagnosis of the patient. They will massage the soft tissues of your back to relieve back pain.